Together with our employees, we are a family.
Our capital is experienced manpower.

We have always go forward with our self-confident employees who believe in team spirit. We designed together, we produced together. At the end of the day, we again understood that the secret of success is to be good team.

We believe in a disciplined, expert in a field and team spirit personnel approach that will contribute to competitive advantage at national and international level.

We preferred to work with personnel who will represent the company in the best way and who will fulfill their duties completely and effectively. We have established our personnel based on discipline, competence and trust criteria. We have opened our doors to every individual who has set their heart on our company in line with their talents, by providing equality between men and women, equal pay for equal work policy, promotion in line with their skills and talents, equal employment among young talents who are open to development and adults who will make a difference with their experience.

Our Human Resources Policy for achieving company goals;

  • Selection, recruitment and briefing of qualified personnel in accordance with supply and demand,
  • Having explicit and clear job definitions,
  • Socio-cultural company philosophy to improve efficiency,
  • Motivational activities to increase service quality,
  • Updating seniority, experience and innovative advantages regularly according to the changing conditions,
  • Increasing the amount and continuity of participation to training programs,
  • Periodical analysis of Performance/Talent/Background evaluations,
  • In-company crisis management.

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