DeVillbiss 525KS 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator




Devilbiss healthcare produces stable and portable oxygen treatment systems for long-term oxygen treatment and allowing patients to take 0.5-10 Lpm of oxygen at home. The Compact 1025ks oxygen concentrator by Devilbiss healthcare provides an electronically operated, continuous flow of oxygen when needed at the touch of a button. The Compact 1025KS oxygen concentrator has an integrated oxygen sensor to meet the patient’s needs and monitor the correct amount of oxygen. In this way, the patient’s continuous high concentration oxygen intake is guaranteed.



High oxygen concentration in all flow ranges
Variable flow rate from 0.5 LPM to 10 LPM
Oxygen treatment opportunity in hospital comfort thanks to 20 psi oxygen output
Light and audible alarms
Easily replaceable humidifier section
10-liter light oxygen concentrator with 19 kg weight
Electrical circuit breaker with reset function
Oxygen purity monitoring system (OSD) that constantly monitors the oxygen level
Filter change every 2 years