OXIVENT – OXIhome Household Ventilator Device



It provides optimum ventilation treatment in the use of all patient groups from adults to pediatrics. With its Turkish menu, Oxivent can be easily used by doctors, nurses and patient relatives. It is used invasively or non-invasively according to need. Oxivent can be used safely in the clinic or at home. It is suitable for use with both a single hose system and a double hose system, depending on the need.


High performance portable ventilator
Capability of using in hospital and home conditions
Invasive or Noninvasive ventilation modes and optional high flow oxygen treatment
Automatic volume guaranteed pressure support
Capability to use with adult and pediatric software
Advantage of working in the frequency range of 5-80 • 30 ml – 3000 ml tidal volume range
Internal FiO2 advantage
Run duration up to 5 hours with internal battery and up to 10 hours with optional powered battery
Optional car user kit