Respirox Oxygen Concentrator SZ5-BW




Model SZ-5BW with Nebulizer
Operating Voltage 220-240V / AC
Frequency 50 Hz.
Power Consumption 165 W
Oxygen Flow 0.5 – 5 liters/minute
Oxygen Purity 93% ~ 87%
Oxygen Monitor High Oxygen O2 > 93%+3
Low Oxygen O2 < 86%+3
Technical Service Requirement < 70%
Operating Temperature 5°c to 40°c
Gross Weight 26 kg
Net Weight 24 kg
Type B
Class II
Loudness Level: ≤60dB(A)
Time-adjusted working mode
Efficient working system that provides high energy saving compared to conventional oxygen concentrators
Approved by the Ministry of Health CE and ISO Certified
Alarm; Power failure, high and low pressure, temperature (65°) low saturation